Committee Information

General Information

Committee Members are appointed by Council following our current Nominations Committee Vacancy Procedure.

Statutory Committees

Committees defined by the Physical Therapists Act, 1998

Standing Committees

Committees defined by the SCPT Bylaws

Special Committees

Committees defined by SCPT Council

Salary Replacement

Salary Replacement will be paid to any Council and/or Committee Member(s) required to miss work due to SCPT business. An amount equivalent to "step 5 of staff physical therapist wage, as per current HSAS contract, up to a maximum of 8 hours/day".

This formula will adjust the replacement amount each time a HSAS contract is negotiated.

Additional Information

Become a Committee Member

Are you interested in being on a committee for SCPT but would like to know more about the committee before you volunteer? If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email the SCPT or phone (306) 931-6661 in Saskatoon or 1-877-967-SCPT (7278) toll free in Saskatchewan.