Annual General Meeting


SCPT AGM 2020 - September 26, 2020           

The SCPT AGM was held on September 26, 2020. In case you were unable to attend, we have posted the full video recording below:

AGM Agenda
AGM Meeting Package
UPDATED: Fee Bylaws - An error was noted in the original document included in the meeting package, this has been corrected in this version to indicate that the 6 month license option from October to March is available for all applicants, not just first time applicants. 

Information Regarding Electronic Attendance and Voting


The SCPT Act does not allow proxy voting at the AGM. This makes it very important for anyone who is able to attend the AGM to do so in order to participate in the business of council and the college.

See voting eligibility below, as per SCPT Admin Bylaws:

Voting Eligibility

Each practising member of the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists is entitled to one vote at the annual meeting. Only those voting members present at the annual meeting and in possession of the designated “voting” identification card are eligible to vote during the sessions of the annual meeting.

Nominations for 2020/2021 Council Members
Nominations Form Council

Motions From The Floor Process Document
Motions From The Floor IFD Form