Internationally Educated Physical Therapists

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (the Alliance) has compiled the "Source Country Profiles for Internationally Educated Physiotherapists" to assist Internationally Educated Physical Therapists considering entering practice in Canada.

How to obtain a License in Saskatchewan

For Internationally Educated Physical Therapists (IEPT's), here are the steps to follow to obtain a license in Saskatchewan:

  • Contact the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators.
  • The Alliance will review your background and determine the equivalent to a Canadian PT education (credentialing). Any deficiencies will be addressed.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in English or French (English only in Saskatchewan).

  • Write the Alliance Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE).

  • Once you receive a pass of the written exam, you may obtain a restricted license from the SCPT.

  • In Saskatchewan you have 24 months from the date of your restricted license to pass the clinical PCE. You are then eligible to apply for a full practice license.