The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC)

The Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (SCPT) is a self-regulating professional body whose purpose is to protect the public through the licensing, regulation and discipline of physical therapists in the Province of Saskatchewan. Transparency of Discipline decisions and the process reinforces protection of the public.

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) is a team of three or more people, most of whom are practicing physical therapists. The committee will investigate your complaint. They may review written documents, such as the clinical treatment file, and conduct interviews.

Investigation of the complaint may take 90 days or longer. A written report will be provided to you and the therapist regarding the findings of the investigation.

The Professional Conduct Committee can recommend that:

    1. No further action be taken because:
      • The matter was resolved between you and your therapist or
      • No further action is necessary
    2. Conduct could constitute a disciplinable offence. Resolution by Mutual Consent (RMC) is a reasonable option for remediation based on the facts of the case.
      • This process is agreed to by PCC, complainant and member. Content of RMC determined by PCC.

    3. Conduct could constitute a disciplinable offence, and RMC is not an appropriate or acceptable option, the complaint is forwarded on to the next level, the Discipline Committee.

PCC Terms of Reference