Getting Involved with SCPT

Make it Happen

  • Choose to become an active member of the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists; there are Committees, projects and Council that are looking for support
  • Become a part of the evolution of Physical Therapy in Saskatchewan. The College provides the direction for your profession in Saskatchewan. This begins at the Council and Committee level
  • Encourage your colleagues to join you in your effort. The best communication is through networking. Invite a Colleague or classmate to come on board with you.
  • Share your experience, your time and your energy.
  • Dedicate a piece of your time. It will be rewarding when you see how you can affect your profession.
  • Get to know Physical Therapy in Saskatchewan. As a member of SCPT you will learn more the more you become involved.


Our Action

  • The Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists is governed by law, the ACT and its members. Council must prepare for and respond to contemporary issues and future directions in our profession to ensure safety of the public.
  • Council is composed of five to ten members of the Physical Therapy profession elected by membership and three Public Representatives appointed by the Lieutenant Governor.
  • SCPT Council meets five to seven times per year.
  • Members may serve on council as well as statutory, special or standing committees.
  • Opportunities are available on the following committees:
    • Statutory - Professional Conduct
      - Discipline
    • Standing
      - Legislation
      - Professional Standards of Practice
      - Finance
      - Registration
      - Nominating
    • Special
      - AGM
      - Communication
      - Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
      - Continuing Competency
      - Support Workers
  • Council supports incoming members through orientation, mentorship and office support.
  • Orientation sessions are scheduled for all new members.
  • New members serving on committees have access to various resources and are encouraged to seek advice from incumbent members.


The Role as Student

  • Inspire conversation regarding contemporary issues and future directions in the Physical Therapy Profession amongst students.
  • Be involved in your schooling and your profession.
  • Your view as a student of Physical Therapy, the questions you have, and solutions you propose are what SCPT needs.
  • Contact the office or a council member to receive more information
  • Register with the College as soon as you have met the requirements


Share your time, your experience and your desire to ensure the viability of your profession in Saskatchewan