Professional Corporation Permit

Members who wish to incorporate as a professional corporation must comply with The Professional Corporations Act and The SCPT Professional Corporation Bylaws.

The Act regulates who may own shares in a professional corporation. Only members may own voting shares and only spouses, children and parents of members (or corporations whose shares are owned by or trusts whose beneficiaries are all members, their spouses, children or parents) may own non - voting shares.

All directors of the professional corporation must be members of the SCPT.

The words “Professional Corporation” or the abbreviation “Prof. Corp.” or “P.C.” must be included in the corporation’s name.

Professional corporations are incorporated under The Business Corporations Act and must have a permit from the SCPT. All permits expire on December 31 of each year and must be renewed annually.

A professional corporation that holds a valid permit may carry on the business of providing physical therapy services in its corporate name. The physical therapy services may only be provided by SCPT members.

The SCPT office does not provide advice to members as to whether or not they should incorporate. This decision rests with the member, in consultation with the member’s accountant and legal counsel.

Permit on Initial Incorporation

  • Click HERE for a corporation name approval.
  • Once the corporation name has been approved by SCPT and you have completed your Corporate Registry Application, login with your corporate username and password and fill out Part 2 and next upload the proposed Articles of Incorporation.
  • Click HERE to download the Certification Form to be signed by each Physical Therapist that is listed as a voting shareholder to be uploaded later.
  • The Registrar reviews the application for compliance with the Act and bylaws and provides a permit if compliance is established.

Annual Permit Renewal

  • A renewal notification is sent out to all professional corporations on the SCPT corporate register in October of each year
  • A renewal fee of $150 is due by December 15th of each year
  • SCPT has updated the requirements for document submission for professional corporation renewals this year (2020).  As such, the following must be submitted with your renewal application:
    • SCPT Certification Form signed by all physical therapists who are voting shareholders of the corporation.
    • Current Annual Return Report from the Corporations Registry (ISC) for the Professional Corporation.
    • A renewal fee of $150 CAD.

Approval to Changes to Professional Corporations

SCPT Professional Corporations Bylaws 4(1) requires a professional corporation to notify the registrar of any proposed change of name or of any proposed changes to its corporate structure, ownership or directors. Login under your member portal to update your corporation information.